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Fred Takiti

Thumb up cash for cars done professionally swift and easy i would recommend this company to whoever wanna convert his trash into instant cash

Steve Bruce

Well done boys 😉 my mate got couple of cars i’ll ring him up and tell him about ur cash offer

David Baker
This is a good and very easy to understand website that can give convenience to people who would like to get rid of their old vehicle. Fabulous job!

Chris Morgan
Fast, quick and easy service to use, Good money as well.! car removal wreckers auckland

Andy TaylorGood to use this website. I’ve looked at a number of others options and this has given me the best price and the best customer service A+++++++

Dave Butler
So easy and instant quotes. Competitive options. Fabulous.!

Kevin Smith
Excellent price for my car, very easy to use website with feasible results. Much better than endless phone calls to wreckers!